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Wool Care

Welcome to our handy wool care guide, designed to help you get the most from your Gather blanket and keep it in top condition for years to come.

General Wool Care


On arrival your blanket will be carefully folded in the box, we recommend taking it out as soon as possible to allow its shape to release, whether draped over a comfy sofa or the end of a bed.


Wool blankets are perfect for use all year round, keeping you warm when its cold, and cool when its warm. Whatever the weather we personally love getting comfy under a blanket with a book or movie on the sofa.


Gather blankets are made from the finest wool and highly skilled craftsmen, if cared for correctly our blankets will last a lifetime.

Light Cleaning & Refreshing

Give it a shake

Every now and then its good to give the blanket a gentle shake to discard any dirt or dust that may be on the blankets surface.

Let the air do the work

For effective light cleaning the best method is to ‘air’ the blanket, just hang the blanket somewhere with good circulation ideally outside in the summer where the air naturally loosens any dirt from the fibres and literally blows it away for a fresh clean appearance.


Dry cleaning

Gather wool blankets are premium products designed to last a lifetime. We strongly recommend ‘airing’ the blanket first (see above) but when extra cleaning is required we believe dry cleaning is the best method to keep it in top condition.


We do not recommend washing your wool blanket due to the fact it can alter colour, size, and shape. If you do decide to wash your blanket, ensure it’s washed by hand in cold water with a light wool detergent and rinsed thoroughly. Following washing you should gentle squeeze out any excess water and reshape and hang to dry naturally.

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