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What we do

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Gather the finest fleeces

We have our own pedigree flocks of Coloured Ryelands and Black Welsh Mountains as well as a long list of other likeminded smallholders and farmers who supply us with the finest raw wool fleeces after shearing. We understand the financial challenges many smallholders and farmers face with no viable outlet for their prized wool. As a result we pay considerably more than market value for any fleeces we procure, making Gather a sustainable venture for our partners.

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Process the Gather yarn

The next process involves the processing of the raw fleeces into our own yarn, working with the finest British mills who utilise traditional techniques and a number of processes to ensure only the best material makes it onto he cone and into our products.

Design & Sampling

Once we have our yarn we begin the design process, working with highly skilled weaving experts to create designs and patterns which are then hand woven into samples for review. This creative process allows us to trial new ideas, with intricate patterns and natural dyes to decide how our next collection will look.

Weaving & Finishing

The final process in our journey is the weaving and finishing into our beautiful natural collections. Working with traditional British weavers our yarn is woven into the designs for each collection, then carefully checked, washed and finished into its final state.

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Gather wins muddy stilettos award
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