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Meet the Gatherers

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection uses 100% British native breed Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland wool which is undyed to showcase the classic natural colours of soft whites and warm browns to produce beautiful simple blankets. Designs include herringbone, windowpane and simple stripes for a timeless look.

William Rochford

Wildways flock is our son William who has bred coloured ryelands for over 3 years as his hobby. He loves the daily routine which involves the obvious feeding and care, as well as the all important cuddles that they have become accustomed to.

William regularly attends the major shows achieving some fantastic results from his prized flock as well as being a keen young handler in the showing.

Wildways wool was used in the making of the first batch of Windsor, Emborough, Stembridge, and Hollyheath blankets.

Philip & Val Blatchford

We (Philip and Val) started our smallholding in 2013 with 4 male alpacas, with the aim of using the fleece to make things.

Things then just increased very rapidly with the arrival of 4 pedigree Ryeland sheep (and a loan ram) resulting in a couple of lambs.  We now have about 40 breeding ewes (mostly white and coloured ryelands) and 70-100 followers.

They also sell balls or skeins of wool from their flock for the keen knitter.

The majority of white wool in the first range is sourced from the Emborough flock, which is why we thought it fit to name one of the blankets after them.

Liz & Steve Rowe

Stembridge Coloured Ryelands started out over 10 years ago with just one coloured Ryeland and have since progressed to over seventy. They are very proud of their award winning, ‘Signet Performance Recording’ flock of Pedigree Coloured Ryelands producing many show champions.

Liz has via the Ryeland Flock Book Society training programme successfully passed and become a Ryeland judge.

They have also recently established a flock of Ryelands proving extremely successful in the show ring, winning Interbreed Champion at their local show.

The Stembridge blanket was named after this flock due to the majority of the coloured wool originating from Liz and Steve Rowe’s beautiful sheep.

Thomas Nash

The Windsor flock of Coloured Ryelands is owned by a very enthusiastic young shepherd, Thomas Nash. This young man has become quite the superstar in the showing world, achieving the accolade of National Champion Young Handler in 2021. His flock also proved to be unbeatable in the show ring in 2022 making this flock one to watch in the future.

We have this flock to thank for introducing our Son to this wonderful breed, so it seemed only right that we named one of our blankets after this young man’s sheep.

Holly Price

The Hollyheath flock has been established since 2005 and we aim to produce friendly ryelands for breeding and showing in both local and county shows. Our sheep have been champions and reserve champions multiple times and been supreme champion several times too. But best of all, they’re very cuddly!

We’re so pleased to see their wool being used by “Gather” to produce such wonderful throws and other woolly goodies!

Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection uses 100% native breed British wool from Black Welsh Mountain, Lleyn and North Country Cheviot sheep. Base colours include natural blends of whites and greys, with the addition of a signature colour pop using fully organic dyes which are designed to stand out and last a lifetime. Colours include flamingo pink, emerald green, and a vibrant mustard.

Rhian & Elise Rochford

Rhian established the Camelot flock in 2008 when she was given four ewe lambs as a Christmas present to go on their smallholding. It wasn’t until 2017 when the children were a little older and wanted to show their pet lambs that things started to get serious with the flock. During the pandemic a new lambing barn was built, some new bloodlines introduced and Elise became a partner in the flock. During this time the family tried to be self sufficient and wanted to use everything the land had to offer, including the wool clip from the flock. It was from this that Gather was born. Rhian and Elise have had a very successful couple of years in the show ring, winning Small Flock of the Year 2021, Ram of the Year 2022 and Elise winning multiple Champion Young Handler competitions.

Camelot wool is part of the second range of blankets to be blended with Lleyn and North Country Cheviot wool. Camelot, Skirrid, and Lovel.

gather rhian
gather co-founder rhian with Ram of the Year
Donna, Matt, Ffion and Llewellyn Evans

At the foot of the Skirrid Mountains in Monmouthshire Matthew Evans started his Cefn flock of Black Welsh Mountains at the tender age of 12 years old with the help of his grand parents, so he is a highly regarded member of the breed society. Since marrying Donna they, along with their children Ffion and Llewellyn, gradually phased out their commercial flock and concentrated on pedigree flocks of Black Welsh Mountains, Torddu and Torwen Badger faced Mountain sheep priding themselves in producing top quality breeding ewes and rams.

They are seasoned professionals on the show scene with Donna’s trimming skills being envied by everyone here at Gather and the children always doing well in the young handler classes. We were lucky enough to purchase one of their rams, who went on to be crowned Ram of the Year with us in 2022 and winning many “Wool on the Hoof” classes, highlighting that the family breed not only for conformation but also for their wool properties.

The Skirrid flock contribute to the contemporary range of blankets as well as having our beautiful grey and mustard model named after them.


skirrid flock 1
skirrid flock 2
skirrid flock 4
Melinda Baker

Melinda established her Lovel flock of Black Welsh Mountains in 1998 and prides herself in breeding quiet sheep that are selected for their wool properties as well as conformation. She only has between 20-24 breeding ewes looking over King Alfred’s Tower near Bruton so she knows each of her friendly ewes and hand feeds them, which is a joy to see when visiting. She has been a breed judge since 2011 and is a regular on the South West judging scene, always meticulous in her inspections and kind to everyone, new and old. Melinda has been a wonderful mentor to us here at Gather so we thought this lovely blanket fitted her character perfectly.

lovel flock 1
lovel flock 2
Paul & Sarah Eckett

More on the Lydden flock soon…

Lydden flock 1
Lydden flock 2
Lydden flock 3
Julie Williams

More on the Furzehill flock soon…

furzehill flock 1
furzehill flock 2
furzehill flock 3
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