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100% Made in Britain

made in Britain blanket

Why British?

Britain used to be a Worldwide leader within the wool industry and legend has it that the wool blanket was invented in Bristol.

In recent years the market has changed dramatically, with huge volumes of UK sold wool coming from Australia, New Zealand, China and other countries due to huge production volumes and lower costs. There is also increased blending with other fibres meaning there are more blankets available that are not 100% wool.

Although some British wool is still used, primarily for clothing, rugs and carpets, very little is used for blankets. This issue was amplified when we researched more and found out that a huge number of smallholders who bred pedigree sheep had no outlet for their wool due to the low quantities produced. When they could find a traditional outlet the income they received was exceptionally low and wouldn’t even cover the cost of shearing. These factors meant that much of it was going into compost, being burnt or just thrown away, so we knew we had to do something about it.

We felt passionately that this wonderful British fibre should be used in the blanket industry, so set up a co-operative with other likeminded small scale sheep farmers to purchase their fleeces for a fair price, and produce genuine British wool products that are not only natural and sustainable, but equally important they have a very low carbon footprint.

For production we again researched and found multiple options overseas with very low pricing, but it just didn’t fit with what we wanted to achieve.

That’s why we started Gather, to utilise British wool from native breed sheep, which is then spun, designed, woven, and finished right here in the UK. We believe in supporting local farmers and using eco-friendly materials to produce high-quality blankets that are truly British.

British Sheep

Only British native breeds are eligible for Gather wool blankets, from our own flocks of Black Welsh Mountains, Pedigree Welsh mountains, and Coloured Ryelands, as well as from our ‘Gatherers’ across the South West and Wales.

All of our sheep are raised with the highest welfare standards and none are from large commercial wool producing flocks. To tell the truth, all our sheep are named pets who receive regular cuddles, scratches, comfy beds and even the odd gingernut biscuit!

British Wool

When the sheep are ready for shearing we collect all the fleeces and prepare to send them off for spinning, this involves grading them, removing any excess muck, before rolling and packing into sacks.

Likewise when our Gatherers are ready we hop in the truck and drive all across the South West and Wales to collect all the fleeces we need for our next collection.

The fleeces are then taken to our UK spinning mills where the raw wool is scoured, carded, and spun into our beautiful natural British wool yarn, ready for the weaving process.

British Blankets

Once the yarn is ready we work with our wonderful designer to create timeless blanket collections to suit any home. This design process involves hand weaving samples to get a true feel of how the patterns and colours work together in the finished product.

For the finished product we work with traditional British mills in Yorkshire where the weaving industry dates back hundreds of years and is steeped in history.

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